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Turquoise Gemstones is probably the most valuable, non-transparent mineral in the jewelry trade. It was mined by Egyptians on the Sinai Peninsula as early as 6000 BC. and was transported to Europe through Turkey, accounting for its name, which means "Turkish" in French.Turquoise Gemstones is an opaque mineral with a slightly waxy luster, ranging in color from blue through shades of green to yellowish gray. An elegant sky blue, which provides an beautiful contrast with precious metals, is the most valued color for gem purposes. Some collectors prefer turquoise that is delicately veined within a matrix of impurities of limonite or other substances.

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Code : NE TQ 001
Name : Turquoise Gemstones
Shape : Round (4 mm)

Code : NE TQ 002
Name : Turquoise Gemstones
Shape : Nuggets

Code : NE TQ 003
Name : Turquoise Gemstones
Shape : Rope With Necklace

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Code : NE TQ 004
Name : Matric Turquoise stones
Shape : Round (8 to 9 mm)

Code : NE TQ 005
Name : Matric Turquoise stones
Shape : Triangle

Code : NE LP 001
Name : Lapis quartz
Shape : Round (4 to 5 mm)



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