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Tourmaline's name comes from the Sinhalese word "turmali," which means "mixed." Bright rainbow collections of gemstone varieties were called "turmali" parcels. Tourmaline Gemstones, occurring in more colors and combinations of colors than any other gemstone variety, lives up to its name. There is a tourmaline that looks like almost any other gemstone! Many stones in the Russian Crown jewels from the 17th Century once thought to be rubies are actually tourmalines.

Tourmalines Gemstones are most often cut in long rectangular shapes because of their long and narrow crystal shape. Tourmaline Gemstones crystals are beautiful, pencil thin and ridged, and they are also sometimes set in jewelry. Some designers also set rainbows of tourmaline in each color of the spectrum. Tourmaline Gemstones is strongly pleochroic: the darkest color is always seen looking down the axis of the crystal.

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Code : NE TR 001
Name : Tourmaline Gemstones
Shape : Multy Roundel Faceted

Code : NE TR 002
Name : Tourmaline Gemstones
Shape : Multy Almonds Faceted

Code : NE TR 003
Name : Tourmaline Gemstones
Shape : Multy Nuggets Faceted

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Code : NE TR 004
Name : Tourmaline Gemstones
Shape : Multy Drops Faceted

Code : NE TR 005
Name : Pink Tourmaline Stones
Shape : Oval Faceted

Code : NE TR 006
Name : Pink Tourmaline
Shape : Marquise Faceted




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