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Rose quartz strengthens your Heart and Blood Vessels and smoothens Blood Circulation. It is very effective for Heart Problem and Asthma.This stone works very well with Smoking and Drug Addiction, also helps people with Dust and Odor Allergy problem.Rose Quartz heals psychic wounds of the heart and gives tenderness, softness and openness to our feelings.

Carnelian Gemstones is a reddish variety of quartz, a translucent to opaque and moderately hard. In antique jewelry carnelian Gemstones lends itself to engraving (ring sand cameos). It is a relatively inexpensive stone with great warmth and beauty.The wearing of carnelian Gemstones is recommended to those who have a weak voice or are timid in speech, for the warm-colored stone will give them the courage they lack so that they will speak both boldly and well," reports G. E Kunz, well known gemologist and historian.

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Code : NE RQ 001
Name : Rose Quartz Gemstones
Shape : Heart Shape Faceted

Code : NE RQ 002
Name : Rose Quartz Gemstones
Shape : Round (4 mm)

Code : NE RQ 003
Name : Rose Quartz Gemstones
Shape : Nuggets Plain

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Code : NE CA 001
Name : Carnelion Gemstones
Shape : Round (3mm)

Code : NE CA 002
Name : Carnelion Gemstones
Shape : Oval Faceted

Code : NE LB 001
Name : Labradorites Gemstones
Shape : Drops Faceted



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