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Pink tourmaline (whose actual color ranges from a deep red - hence the name rubellite - to a pale pink) is part of the triad of heart stones which also includes rose quartz and kunzite. Rose quartz nurtures an unconditional love of self. Kunzite focuses that energy and helps the heart to make loving choices. Pink tourmaline expresses that love to others.

Tourmaline comes in all spectrums of color, the most common being green and pink. The red variety is often referred to as "rubellite", as its vibrant red color often resembles that of the finest rubies. A rare green chrome variety of tourmaline found in Tanzania is also available, but in small quantities. An extremely rare variety is the Paraiba tourmaline.

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Code : NE TR 013
Name : Tourmaline Gemstones
Shape : Multi square Plain

Code : NE TR 014
Name : Tourmaline Gemstones
Shape : Multi oval Plain

Code : NE SM 001
Name : Smokey Stones
Shape : Drops Faceted

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Code : NE CH 001
Name : Chalcy Stones
Shape : Heart Shape Faceted

Code : NE TA 001
Name : Tourmaline+ Aquamarine
Shape : Roundel Plain (big)

Code : NE SB 001
Name : Semi Colours 
Shape : Button Faceted



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