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Peridot Gemstones is an ancient and yet currently very popular gemstone. It is so old that it can be found even in Egyptian jewellery from the early second millennium BC. The Gemstones used in those days came from an occurrence on a little volcanic island in the Red Sea, about 70 km off the Egyptian coast, off Assuan, which was rediscovered only around 1900 and has been completely exploited since.Peridot Gemstones is cut according to its crystal structure, usually in classical table and facetted cuts, round, antique, octagonal or oval shaped. Smaller crystals are cut as calibrated stones, larger ones are shaped by gemstone designers to fancy unique specimen stones.

Aquamarines Gemstones show all these shades of an exceptionally beautiful range of usually light blues. It is a truly fascinating stone. Women all over the world covet it because of its fine blue colour, which suits almost any complexion or eye-colour to perfection, and creative gemstone artists get their inspiration for new cuts more often from aquamarines than from other stones.Its light blue arises feelings such as sympathy, trust, harmony or friendship. These are good feelings, which involve a partner or companion, and prove their vale in long-lasting relationships. Aquamarine blue is a divine and eternal colour, since it is, after all, the colour of the skies. Aquamarine blue, however, is also the colour of water with its life-giving properties. And in fact aquamarine seems to have managed to embody the light blue of the seas.

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Code : NE PD 001
Name : Peridot Gemstones
Shape :Roundel Faceted 
( Israiel Cut)

Code : NE PD 002
Name : Peridot Gemstones
Shape : Almond Faceted

Code : NE PD 003
Name : Peridot Gemstones
Shape : Drops Faceted

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Code : NE AQ 001
Name : Aquamarine Gemstones
Shape : Heart Shape Faceted

Code : NE AQ 003
Name : Aquamarine Gemstones
Shape : Flat Nuggets Faceted

Code : NE AQ 002
Name :Aquamarine Gemstones
Shape : Multi Nuggets Faceted



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