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Garnet Gemstones is the name which can be applied to six similar mineral species, namely almandine, pyrope, spessartine, grossular, andradite and uvarovite. To further complicate matters, many garnets are actually a combination of these minerals.Garnets Gemstones have long been carried by travellers to protect against accidents far from home. In ancient Asia and the American Southwest, garnets were used as bullets because the glowing red color was said to increase the ferocity of a wound. Garnets Gemstones in legend light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares.

Green aventurine quartz is said to relieve anxiety and calm one's emotions, to bring opportunity, to give good luck in gambling, and to enhance one's creativity and leadership qualities.Green aventurine quartz is also said to have been used successfully in psychotherapy, treating disorders of the lungs and heart, and to help increase muscle flexibility.
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Code : NE GR 001
Name : Garnet Gemstones
Shape : Chowki

Code : NE GR 002
Name : Rodolite Garnet 
Shape : Almond Faceted

Code : NE GR 003
Name : Garnet  Gemstones
Shape : Drops Faceted

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Code : NE GA 001
Name : Green Aventurian
Shape : Chowki

Code : NE GA 002
Name : Green Aventurian
Shape : Kite

Code : NE GA 003
Name : Green Aventurian
Shape : Coin



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