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Citrine Gemstones is one of the most affordable gemstones, thanks to the durability and availability of this golden quartz. Named from the French name for lemon,"citron," many citrines have a juicy lemon color.Citrine Gemstones includes yellow to gold to orange brown shades of transparent quartz. Sunny and affordable, citrine Gemstones can brighten almost any jewelry style, blending especially well with the yellow gleam of polished gold.

Although the darker, orange colors of citrine Gemstones, sometimes called Madeira citrine after the color of the wine, has generally been the most valued color, in modern times, many people prefer the bright lemony shades which mix better with pastel colors. Citrine Gemstones is generally more inexpensive than amethyst and is also available in a wide range of calibrated sizes and shapes, including very large sizes.

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Code : NE CT 001
Name : Citrine Gemstones
Shape : Drops Faceted

Code : NE CT 002
Name : Citrine Gemstones
Shape : Almonds Faceted

Code : NE CT 003
Name : Citrine Gemstones
Shape : Heart Shape Faceted

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Code : NE CT 004
Name : Citrine Gemstones
Shape : Roundel Faceted

Code : NE CT 005
Name : Citrine Gemstones
Shape : Nuggets Fancy Cut

Code : NE CT 006
Name : Citrine Gemstones
Shape : Round Beads (4 to 5 mm)



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